Holy Family Primary School Bell Park

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Welcome to Holy Family Primary School, Bell Park.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School was established in 1955 by the Sisters of Mercy. At Holy Family our students are encouraged to strive for excellence by making the best possible use of their talents and abilities.

Our caring and dedicated staff uses the model of the ‘Holy Family’ as our foundation and are committed to the Christian vision of dignity and potential of each human person.

Our Religious Education program seeks to integrate parish, family and school life in a context of faith and is designed to strengthen religious attitudes and Gospel values in the lives of students. We invite and support our students to understand who they are, and to interpret and make sense of the world in which they live through the scriptures, the traditions of the Catholic Community and Eucharistic celebrations. 

At Holy Family our school leaders plan strategically for continued school improvement and manage change effectively. Through professional learning teams and planning meetings, teachers ensure that curriculum planning, teaching practices and professional learning programs are designed to improve student learning. Our educational facilities and resources reflect the educational vision of the school and support teaching and learning methodologies.

Our curriculum interweaves the domain of Religious Education and those of the Victorian Curriculum to provide a range of rich and authentic contexts that support personalised learning. Holy Family School provides authentic and developmentally appropriate programs and activities (core, intervention and enriching) that enables students to achieve high quality learning outcomes in different sites and in different groupings.

Our Learning and Teaching programs are designed so that our students may further develop their knowledge, skills, understandings and dispositions required to succeed in and contribute to a modern, globalised world. We recognize individual learning styles and acknowledge the different gifts each student brings to the life of the school community.

At Holy Family we strive to provide a learning environment that is safe, flexible, inclusive and fosters collaboration and creativity. Our student wellbeing program engenders a climate of mutual respect, compassion and responsibility where students develop a sense of belonging and attachment to school. 

We recognise and value the rich and diverse cultures in the Holy Family community.

Peter Brunt